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Chamberlain Global Values & Culture

Our company prioritizes client and employee relationships. Chamberlain values—genuine, expert, and ambitious—guide everything we do, as our long-standing team members have proven. These values guide our behavior, service delivery, client experience, and work:
Your Career, Your Say

We value employee input. Employee surveys always yield excellent outcomes, but we’re not complacent. We use employee feedback to improve Chamberlain Global each year. We also encourage employees to develop informal networks and discuss ideas across the company year-round.

Join the Chamberlain Global Team

Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise, however we are unified by our dedication to going the extra mile for our clientele.

Why Work With Us

Employee Benefits at Chamberlain Global

We are proud of our extensive benefits package, which offers you flexibility and options based on your current life priorities. As your life changes throughout your time with us, so can your chosen benefits.

Annual Performance Bonus

All staff can receive a one-time incentive payment annually. This is based on your contribution to the company’s performance, and the firm’s overall performance.

Core Benefits

There are standard, essential benefits that all businesses should provide, and we strive to offer the most competitive package.

Pension Plan

As an industry-leading wealth manager, we offer an attractive pension plan into which we contribute 10% of your base salary, regardless of whether you choose to contribute to it yourself or not. You determine your own contributions, and you can modify it anytime to reflect your changing circumstances.

Private Supplemental Healthcare

If ever necessary, you will have immediate access to medical care. Proper treatment can result in less stress and a quicker recovery, allowing you to return to your life sooner. You can expand this benefit to include your spouse or family. Chamberlain Global will cover one-half of this expense.

Discretionary Benefits

Along with our core benefits, we offer a variety of competitively priced benefits to our employees at rates that can be substantially lower than those available for individual purchase. You can choose lifestyle-appropriate benefits that are deducted directly from your pay.

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