Life After Work

The term ‘retirement’ has a significantly different connotation than it did fifty years ago. Now, more than ever, many people wish to travel around the world, pursue new hobbies and interests, or pivot their focus towards charitable work. You’ve earned your wealth through diligent, hard work. This is the time to enjoy it.

Making The Most of Retirement

At Chamberlain Global, we want you to enjoy retirement to the fullest, so it is essential to maximize your retirement savings. Your personal investment manager will structure your portfolio to generate a regular income and will collaborate with your pensions manager to determine the optimal method to take your pension benefits, based on your specific goals and circumstances.

What To Do Now

If you’ve had a successful career but are unsure of what to do now, we’ll help you explore your options. You can take advantage of any opportunities that arise with a little bit of planning. Some people like to take a regular income from their portfolio, and some prefer to take a lump sum from their work pensions. Either way, we’ll help you ease into a comfortable retirement.

When Do I Need to Start?

Now. The sooner you start investing for retirement, the better. This will not only maximize the return on your investments, but the longer timeframe you allow yourself, the lower the risk level you need to expose yourself to in order to achieve your goals. Putting yourself in the optimal position with your investments means you will have more opportunities available to you.

Later In Life

The affordability of quality long-term care in old age is a concern for many, especially since we are living longer than ever before. Preparing in advance gives you the peace of mind to enjoy yourself, while feeling secure that any potential care will be accessible.

What Can I Do Now?

Your Chamberlain Global investment manager can review your circumstances and customize an investment portfolio so that you and your family have a thorough understanding of the level of support you can afford, should you or a family member require long-term care.

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