Chamberlain Global has an extensive record of collaborating with nonprofit and charitable organizations. Managing investments can be arduous for a great number of charities and trustees. We are proud of our adaptable approach to addressing the challenges that accompany this responsibility. A vital part of our overall service is keeping trustees informed and up to date.

As stewards of your organization’s capital, we handle the responsible allocation, management and oversight that ensures the longevity of your organization, thereby providing value not just for you as our client, but to all your beneficiaries. We’re proud of our role contributing to benefits for society, the environment, and the economy.

Our stewardship entails engaging with companies to discuss ESG and other values. This can be done alone or in collaboration with your trustees. It includes voting in person or by proxy on resolutions to express approval or disapproval. In addition, we facilitate client-directed voting, allowing clients to exercise their own stewardship.

In addition, we can provide a bespoke service to charitable organizations by constructing portfolios in accordance with their investment policy, charter, values and purpose. Our screening service can exclude entire sectors, companies, activities and countries from your portfolio based on your ethical views, religious beliefs, ESG criteria, or whatever matters to your organization. Clients can directly express specific screening criteria and we monitor holdings for any potential indirect exposure to areas of concern.

In basic terms, a responsible investment strategy can be broken down into two main categories: risk mitigation and opportunity identification. Specific responsible investment-related objects are incorporated into the investment process. We protect your capital and generate growth and income, all the while ensuring we remain faithful to your mission.

At Chamberlain Global, we respect the unique mission and guidelines of every charity we work with. Our investment managers have a plethora of experience working with nonprofits with a variety of mandates and are familiar with the sector’s unique challenges and characteristics.

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