Private Equity

Private equity

Private equity refers to investing in companies that are not publicly traded or listed. This can mean taking full ownership or a partial interest. In general, most private equity opportunities are available to high-net-worth individuals or accredited investors.

Private equity is a source of investment capital derived from firms that acquire interests in private companies or public companies with the intention of taking them private and delisting them from stock exchanges. Private equity can also be sourced from wealthy individuals seeking outsized returns. The minimum amount of capital needed to participate as an investor will vary depending on the investment firm and the underlying company.

At Chamberlain Global, our private equity strategies span a broad range of market sectors and regions and include both traditional private equity investments and special situations. We believe that our flexible, innovative approach to investing provides us with a significant strategic advantage in this part of the capital markets. By applying our innovative approach, we find and invest in undervalued companies.

We aim to increase value by implementing key strategic and operational initiatives, such as optimizing capital structures, enhancing core businesses, streamlining operations, and establishing new growth platforms.

Our teams make use of in-depth sector expertise and extensive networks to gain superior deal flow access, always reflecting Chamberlain Global’s emphasis on risk management and asset protection. We focus on taking control positions in companies we can access below our calculated value, across a wide variety of sectors, industries and regions. We’re always open to industries that may be currently out of favor, where we sometimes find our most profitable opportunities with forward thinking.

Special Situations
Special situations can occur in any part of the market, public or private. We focus primarily on micro-cap and small-cap situations. Within the realm of private equity, our special situations strategies require expertise in both private equity investing and credit markets to properly assess and take control of undervalued companies going through a special situation. We participate only where the target investment shows both significant upside potential and limited downside, and where management is open to receiving value-added partnership to inject capital and improve balance sheets and operations.
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