Investment Philosophy

Experience Matters
The Primacy of Risk Management

We believe that superior investment performance must involve less-than-commensurate risk. All investments must be suitable for an individual investor’s profile. Superior performance in both bull and bear markets prove a manager’s skill. Gains in roaring markets merely indicate acceptance of above-average risk. Our primary objective is protecting our clients’ wealth. We are proactive, experienced with volatility, and agile implementing tactical decisions to protect your assets.


We strive for consistent, steady returns. Neither good nor bad markets are an excuse for portfolio performance. We believe that a superior record is best established with a high batting average rather than a combination of stunning successes and dreadful failures.

Eschew Market Timing

As much as attractively priced assets can be bought, we stay fully invested. We do not believe in anyone’s ability to correctly time markets. When concerned about the general market, we may periodically lean towards defensive investments, but we never deliberately raise large amounts of cash.

Fundamentals Matter

We believe that consistent top performance can only be achieved through a thorough bottom-up approach. Our investment process involves thorough due diligence of companies, their management and their securities.

As Does the Big Picture

We take a bottom-up and a top-down approach. We consider macroeconomic and geopolitical factors when structuring investment portfolios. While we eschew market timing, we take into account what is in store for the economy, interest rates, technological advances and specific market sector activity.

Strategic Asset Allocation

This is defined by your investment objectives. We always operate with selectivity, using asset allocation to ensure diversification and avoid overconcentration, not to time markets. This is an important factor driving overall, long-term returns.

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